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Hollow Core Prestressed slabs
Nominal width of hollow core pre-stressed slab units is 1100mm, inclusive of the longitudinal joint. The standard profiles have a fire resistance of 60 to 120 minutes. Our standard thicknesses: 160, 200, 265, 320, 400, 500 mm which can reach 20m spans on roofs. 

Design     Benefits


Manufacturing Benefits


Construction Benefits


Suitable Applications

  • Flexibility of Design
  • Approacho   Enhanced Spans


  • Factory produced to High Quality Standard
  • Preformed Site Services



  • One or two hour fire resistance
  • Type ‘A’ Finished Soffit
  • Shelf Angle Bearing
  • Cast in lifting hooks
  • Sound resistance – Noise transfer performance
  • Reduction of in-situ Concrete
  • Speed of Erection
  • Immediate un-propped Working Platform


  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Retail
  • Car parks
  • Office buildings
  • Leisure & Hotels
  • Residential (Single and multi-occupancy)
  • Care homes