Our company has a specialized laboratory for monitoring and examining all material on a daily basis to inspect any raw materials used in manufacturing process until the final products. They are inspecting: Analysis granular experience, Sandy equivalent, bulk density experiments, experiences pressure and absorption ...ect.

1. Cement content: Upper layer = (500 kg/m3) for all types & deferent strengths.
2. Water to cement ratio: (0.32 - 0.35).
3. Tolerances according to Egyptian standards and the European standards.
4. Thickness of upper layer (7) mm to 10 mm.
5. Strength = (350 to 700) kg/cm2 According to the strength required.
6. Absorption rate less than (5%)
7. Density ranging from (2200 to 2400) kg / m 3
8. Colors of the ratio (2% to 6%) of the type Pigment and major international companies.

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