Prestressed Products

With same quality and speed of precast products, when high loaded, large spans floors or stadiums risers are required , the prestressed floor elements (hollow core slabs , double tee slabs , beams , bleachers,… ) are the optimum , fastest and most effective solution compared to cast in place construction

Pre-stressed Concrete Products:

Hollow Core Slabs

Pre-stressed precast hollow core slabs are the most widely used type of precast flooring. The system offers numerous benefits to engineers and architects because it gives maximum strength with minimum weight, versatility in span / depth ratio, a smooth soffit and a high speed of erection leading to an economical way to construct floors.

Modern Precast manufactures a full range of hollow core slabs with thicknesses ranging from 120mm to 500mm, with longest spans up to 20 meters. For further details:

Double Tee slabs

Prestressed Double tee slabs are the best choice when it comes to covering Very large span halls up to 32 meters or Heavy Loaded Parking

For further details:

Different Types of Pre-stressed Beams:

Rectangular Beam - L-Beam - Inverted T-Beam

Vineyard poles



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