Our Precast Concrete Flexible System

Doesn’t have space!!! …. Why don’t go vertical?!!!!!!

One of the biggest challenges for any owner is he doesn’t have any horizontal space left, MCC had this issue with one of the clients and has conducted a solution that committed to the same area with vertical expansion from a one-story Hall to 3 stories hall.
Which had solved all the client’s requirements (Parking lot, 2 floors for factory expansion)

Why precast for vertical expansion?

When we come to vertical expansion we go for precast for those reasons:


Of course, shutting down an already-running factory has many challenges when coming to the time frame, the client needed to get the job done as soon as possible.
MCC fulfilled its duties by working on parallel stages (Old Hall Disassemble, Piles and retaining wall, footing, Precast elements fabrication, and Precast Erection) all of which had been executed with minor time frame lag between activities that all stages were almost running together in parallel.
This has given MCC the edge of time factor and has the satisfaction from the owner to get his Hall fully and running from disassembling to commissioning within Months!!

Value Engineering:

MCC conducted a thorough value engineering study that when it comes to cost has a complete study as follows.

This had given the client triple the area without having to go with any other moving or further decisions.

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