Block & Interlock

Modern Concrete Company

Modern Concrete company has added to its products a new generation with modern technologies to obtain new patterns of tiling that give limitless options for floor finishing of all tile sizes. These products are characterized by the following characteristics

Washed tiles: This type of tiles is characterized by the use of various types of aggregates in custom colors and sizes. The face of the tiles is washed before it hardens (immediately after pressing) to reveal the aggregates in their colors and sizes, which gives a rough surface and colored in custom grades, which provides the designer with wide and new options.
Multi-colored tiles: This new product is characterized by the use of more than one color (two or three colors) combined with a specific technique to obtain a different appearance than what we are used to in the traditional classic tiles in one color, as well as obtaining many options of overlapping colors in multiple proportions that give the designer endless options.
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